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Life is fuller with Jackson Funding


Life is about more than just paying your bills. Jackson Funding can show you how. Our unsecured low interest rate debt consolidation loans provide the tools to make life about you and not your bills: We cut your interest rate to the single digits. We lower your payments to a single payout. We take the pressure off of all the high interest you are paying out. Life should be about being with family and planning for the future. Live fuller with Jackson Funding.



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Shaker Heights, OH
Like everyone else, my life is upside down. I know my landlord is allowing late payments on the rent, and the credit card companies say they will lower rates but there is a consequence. And I faced it. I had no money to pay back rent or late interest payments which continued to build. I was lost. Jackson Funding offered me a way out. They explained their program, which someone like me could afford. They didn't judge me. They just helped. Jackson Funding helped me. Thank you for that.
Pittsburgh, PA
I've been so bored that I have been shopping online without really paying attention. The extra money I got from unemployment really helped keep me afloat. But, then, it all kind of just was too much for me. I couldn't afford anything. I was embarassed and scared. Jackson Funding made a clear plan with me that I could do. They made it easy for me to start paying it back. They made me feel secure. Thank you, Jackson Funding.